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floating in the rainbow of hope >> thank you. >> san francisco poet, that was moving. >> okay we mentioned something called the sisters of perpetual indulgence, if you don't know who they are, any san francisco event who does not have a sister back stage or on stage is not a san francisco event. representing the sisterses of professional indulgence. >> as always, we are so honored
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to be a part of this magnificent celebration. i would like to also thank my sisters, sister patent leather and sister jaya gamoore and sister may joy in the wings. i would like to start off by making a confession, i have not filled out my wish. and my wish would be i wish donna sasha would give me her necklace, doesn't she look gorgeous? >> maybe dreams, maybe wishes do come true. so, today, we are gathered here in the heart of our city, beneath a symbol of energy and life and hope for the world. you have decorated it with peace cranes and light. wishes and dreams, and most importantly your energy.
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and now, on behalf of the sisters of perpetual indulgence inc, we gather this energy and strength that we may send it to the nuns above and to give it to any and all that needs its strength. to release the energy of hope that this magnificent tree represents i will ask each and every one of you if you please every time you hear me say we say... you will evoke the words of harvey milk by saying as one group you got to give them hope. now please raise your hands towards the tree of hope and we say you got to give them hope. for all lgbtq young people struggling with bullies and intolerance, we say that you got to give them hope for all
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transgendered people fighting to live with dignity and respect. we say you got to give them hope. for all of those who seek to protect the rights of lgbtq people across the world, we say you got to give them hope. for our sick and elderly in need of a will having word, a sign of hope, we say, you got to give them hope. each of us gathered here tonight gives witness to the power of hope in our dark world. to you, we say p you got to give them hope. >> to each of us struggling with our own dark places in our hearts, we say, you got to give them hope. i asked each of you as you leave here tonight, a promise, to reach out to at least one person in your life this holiday season, and say, i love
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you. to give you strength to do so, we say you got to give them hope. now, i will ad lib just a little bit and also to all of those regions that have recently been affected by natural disasters the eastern sea board of the united states and japan and other places in the world we say you got to give them hope. and now, with the energy raised through or from this tree, from the energy raised in our hearts, we seal these blessings and anoint you all with a holy blessing with our love. please administer the glitter. last trouble we got in trouble with housekeeping, so we will do pretend glitter. as it spreads may your love and cheer spread, may it remain on you as long as it is needed and
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work its way to every part of you that needs magic and light. and now, loudly please, repeat after me. 1, joy, more joy. always joy. and continue to repeat after me, blessed be... this blessed day. tuesday, december 4th, 2012. and as sisters as we always end our blessings, repeat after me, amen, awomen, and all of the others. thank you. and have a beautiful holiday season. [ applause ] >> this is how we celebrate the holidays in san francisco, you are not in kansas any more.
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let's hear it for the sisters. before we go any further we have one more speaker and some of you have been siping wine, barefoot and bubblely, let's hear it for barefoot and bubblely, afterwards you will be enjoying food was donated by restaurants and asked again and again by so many organization and events and i want to recognize them with lots of enthusiasm, cafe, floor, hot cookies, bomba, garden, and paxis. i am sure that i with missed somebody and before we close out we have one speaker that impersonally looking forward to, this is going to close out the program and at the close of
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those programs we will do a count down and if you think that tree is pretty now, wait until you see it lit. we are honored to have a special guest tonight, isabel ayunda, the best selling author and considered to be the world's most widely read spanish language author. now there is something her novels, the house of spirit and pola and the city of beasts some of the books have been made into films and inducted into the american academy of arts and letters and received the national literature prize and awarded the literature award and also a writer and humanitarian and how appropriate to have her here, improving the lives of others around the world promoting hope and social justice, honored to have you here and your husband, william gordon, both are here tonight. she will share a message and i
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will her to do a short count down and i think that we will start at 82. probably ten. please join me in welcoming isabel iyenda. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. i feel like a rat compared to this lady. really, thank you for this invitation. hope, that is the key word for the year to come. not irrational, but realistic optimism, there are many good reasons to be very hopeful. it is time to put our losses and frustrations in a paper bag and burn them. they belong to the past. the new year is like a last stage where we will write our
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dreams and hopes. what do we hope for? not only jobs, the end of the recession, and a congress that works for a change. let's be greetier. let's hope for a better country, and a safer world. for more compassion. and let's also wish for good fortune for this, our lovely city of san francisco. at the personal level, let's hope for less stress, because the crucial event that determine our life, are beyond our control. and that and good things just happen let's not blame ourselves too harshly when things go wrong. there is usually room for a lot of mistakes and new beginnings. strength comes from overcoming
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obstacles. that is how we learn and never from our success. we learn from our mistakes. if we are here to end and we do all of the time we just turn around and start again. we all make foolish choices and yet we are here standing, aren't we? we san franciscoans feel entitled to good coffee and permanent happiness. [ applause ] >> i agree with the coffee. but happiness? it is over rated. there is something... there is nothing wrong with struggle, and some pain. if nothing hurts we are dead. all of this wining about the state of the world is so annoying. the world may not be good, but it is certainly better than it was before. this is why i am hopeful never
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before has humanity had so many resources, knowledge, power, and information. it has never been so interconnected, we are stronger and smarter and we lived longer than our grand parents. it can certainly destroy the planet but probably we will not. we will improve it. because that is what we have been doing since the stone age. we are moving forward and hear in california, we are always a step ahead of everybody else. [ applause ] >> so these are my hopes for the next few months. that we can all have meaningful life. and that we can be close to each other, and participate in our communities, and serve and volunteer. caring for others is cheaper than therapy, it makes a lot of sense and you get to meet nice
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people. >> i hope that we will be more joyful, creative and playful. that we will have less caution and more passion in matters of the heart. and that we will enjoy sorrowfully this crazy, and extraordinary city of san francisco. when we light this beautiful tree, let's make a wish. let's wish that all of us fall in love with life. thank you. [ applause ] >> i am going to buy one of her books now, i am telling you. >> all right, we are not starting at 82 because i want to see how that tree looks, are they ready upstairs? there is my signal. let's start with 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
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happy holidays. isabel. thank you so much for being here and all of the speakers and the people on stage and for coming up with this wonderful idea and if you don't come there won't be a party and so come against next year, my wish that you will ask me to mc this again next year, let's enjoy barefoot bubbly and the restaurants that i listed take your programs home, i'm donna, sachet. thank you. thank you. ♪
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welcome home, man.
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arab heritage month celebration.
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